Pet Corner

This is where our four-legged family is introduced to Seasoned Chocolate…

In our feature window meet Chuey and Maya, who are the bosses of Bill and Susan….

Our highlighted pet family introduces Erica and Kenya Moore…who has a heartwarming story. Here it is:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share Kenya Moore’s story on your website.

Our family was immediately drawn to “Swirl” the moment we saw her at the Humane Society of Charlotte in November 2012. She was a very beautiful 8 month old brindle colored Pit bull / Labrador mix; however, extremely timid, shy and curious.  She stayed far back in the kennel behind the doggie door peaking out at us until we would walk away then she would come out and look for us.  As soon as we would try to approach her she would go back and hide. This really touched us and made us want to learn more about her story.

We asked for more information on her background and learned that she was previously abused and as a result lost her voice. She does not bark at all (never has in the 5 years she’s been part of our family). At that moment we knew we had to rescue her and give her the best possible life she deserves. Our family adopted her on the spot. She was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything, but through it all was very loving and we felt the need to protect her.

Given the fact that
– her rescue name was “Swirl” (like Twirl)
– she was absolutely beautiful with her brindle coat
– She was a tad bit crazy…. Just like the real Kenya Moore of the Housewives of Atlanta — The name seemed to be perfect.

We have our very own Kenya Moore and can’t imagine life without her. She is spoiled rotten and has completely forgotten where she came from ❤


Here are Kim, Nutmeg and Jessie:


Nutmeg was a rescue dog…she and her brother were abandoned by previous owners who deserted them and moved away…Kim happened to be strolling through a pet store sponsoring a dog adoption day…she saw a scared little white dog…their eyes met…and the rest is history.



This is Diamond

And this is DeMarcus

They’re the bosses of Seasoned Chocolate Editor Katrina Covington Whitmore. DeMarcus was a rescue dog…he was a little white dog moving into a black household and so it was decided to give him an “ethnic” name. Enter DeMarcus….

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