The Poet In Me

Reflections of My Youth

Barbara Miles

Reflections of My Youth


Now there’s a name,
Heard somewhere
Seen someplace
Known sometime.
Curious, the procession of names and faces that pass across our lives,
Touch once or twice, their circuits complete,
Pass unobtrusively on.
I wonder, should we meet again,
What new name, face would Teddy wear,
And if I’d scratch my head and ponder
When, where, in which of my lives
Did my eyes know those eyes,
Familiar as my own,
Yet strange as the face that masks?
Mind persistent, once more asks
Where, when, once seen, once heard, once known,
Then shrug and look once more, perhaps
And casually pass on.
And I wonder if Teddy, wherever he may be,
Now and then in remembrance of days of yore
Recalls a face that once I wore
And wonders what happened to me.

Barbara Miles is the founder and publisher of Chocolate Singles Magazine and author of a new book, Ms. Thang Goes Back to School.

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