We’ve Only Just Begun….

Let me start by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit the Seasoned Chocolate website. From the comments we have already received, you are savoring the flavor, which is wonderful! You may have noticed that a number of article boxes don’t have any content. That’s because the website will not officially launch until January 1, 2018. On that date, all of the exciting pieces will be in place, and you’ll enjoy the website even more than you have already. We are brand, spanking new and slowly getting everything ready for our launch date. Please continue to visit the website often, and feel free to comment on our blog (I’m Just Sayin’…) about anything you’ve got on your mind, or let us know what you think of any one – or all – of our articles, good or bad. We also hope that you’ll plan on attending one of our functions – The House Party: Old School Style with a Mardi Gras Twist or join us for a Haunting in Savannah in the fall of 2018. Consider becoming a member – you’ll have first choice on all Seasoned Chocolate events, and you’ll be invited to all of our intimate Members Only events…one thing is sure – a good time will be had by all at any Seasoned Chocolate event. Again, welcome, thanks for visiting…and believe me — you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Katrina Covington Whitmore, PhD


Seasoned Chocolate