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Seasoned Chocolate Featured Author:

Katrina Covington Whitmore

The Bride of the Desert Trilogy

The Bride of the Desert Trilogy

Daughter of two nations  –  book one

Torn loyalties  – book  two

The end is the beginning – book  three

Set in the 9th century during the waning days of the mighty Roman Empire, the Bride of the Desert Trilogy tells the story of Kiah, Princess of the Blood of the kingdom of Kush. Contracted in marriage to the Heir of the most powerful family in the eastern roman empire, Kiah travels to Palmyra, a vitally important city-state built on the edge of one of the only sources of water in the syrian desert. Kiah has been invited to live with her family until her marriage. Sparks fly during the first meeiting between Zenobia, the daughter of the household and Kiah. Tensions between the two escalate, leading to a dramatic confrontation and unexpected consequences that directly impact and lead to the ultimate downfall of Palmyra, the powerful city-state, so rich and powerful it’s known the world over as the “Bride of the Desert”.

Excerpt from book one:

In front of emissaries from the House of Nasor, ambassadors from countries throughout Africa and Arabia and even a representative of the Roman empire the formal offer was proffered and accepted. The proposed alliance was eminently suitable. The kingdom of Kush was rich with resources: gold, silver, copper and other ores; frankincense and myrrh, the prized aromatics used throughout the known world in the preparation of perfumes and incense; ebony and rare ivory, both worth their weight in gold. Much of that wealth would now be traded exclusively with the House of Nasor. In return they would provide armed escort to the caravans transporting the riches across the vastness of the desert and serve as intermediaries for Kush and the vast trading empires of the east. Preparations for Kiah’s departure were to begin immediately.

The bridal portion provided by the king to Kiah was to be enormous. She would bring most of the household furnishings and goods for her future home with her. And as word spread of her betrothal and impending marriage throughout the surrounding kingdoms, magnificent bridal gifts began to arrive. Among them were two iridescent cloaks that trailed the floor, patterned in vivid shades of blue, violet and gold, and fashioned entirely of peacock feathers. There was also silver and gold plate, rare aromatics and a half a dozen horses, direct descendants of the legendary Arabians with small proudly raised heads, deep strong chests and long, slender legs. Nor were they the only animals; two hunting falcons with leather hoods and jesses stamped with gold would make the journey with her, as would two cheetahs, little more than kittens, with jewel-studded collars and needle–sharp baby teeth.

About the author:

Katrina Covington Whitmore wrote her first book when she was eight years old, and has been writing ever since. She’s worked in some aspect of Communications her entire working life, beginning with her days in broadcast news. Since that time she has acquired a PhD, taught on the college level, managed a city cable channel and written five books. She writes in several genres, and is currently working on number six. Her hobbies include creating knitted dolls offered for sale online and at local arts and craft festivals, drawing, painting and adult coloring, and raising houseplants, and learning to play the piano. She and her four-legged family live in the metro Atlanta area. You can reach Katrina at info@seasonedchocolate.com